We take advanced technologies,
and make them extraordinary.

Our Philosophy

We venture to solve pressing economic, social, and environmental problems by investing in a diverse
range of advanced, early stage technologies developed by leading universities and research institutes
around the world.

Our Technologies

Very diverse. 3D bioprinting, connected health diagnostics through saliva, piezoelectric smart foam,
“labs on a chip,” offshore reservoir monitoring sensors…the next wave of technology is already here.

Who We Are

Technology alone can’t solve problems. It takes people to adapt it to solve problems. It takes a team.

We are a unique breed of venture capitalists. We are a group of strategists, engineers, operators, and
entrepreneurs. Crazy talented, intensely focused, sometimes curious to a fault. We not only invest in
novel technologies; we build the companies around them from the ground up. We work hard, we work smart.

We know we’re a little different, but that’s how we win.